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Yard clean of debris due to a dumpster rental Mobile, AL

Winter is the Best Time to Clean Your Yard

Anything that blocks the sunlight from your lawn, flowers and shrubs can harm plants by creating breeding grounds for mold and mildew. Rose beds are especially sensitive to fallen foliage. Fallen leaves, debris and pine needles are more than unattractive, they are health hazards for your yard itself. To keep growth healthy, cut back the dead branches and remove leaves from your flowerbeds.

Yard clean of debris due to a dumpster rental Mobile, AL

Clean-ups are more than just for appearance’s sake. Tangled yard debris can harm your lawn maintenance equipment if it clogs up your blades or mulchers. Clean your gutters by knocking out any blockages. Take a hose and make sure the water easily runs clear. This will keep your buildings safe from damaging clogs due to leaves and other debris.

Check a Gardening Calendar for Pruning Tips.

Planning is the key when getting rid of yard waste in the winter. The Alabama Cooperative Extension offers these tips for winter pruning. They suggest that you should not prune live plants until the spring blooming cycle is over, making the best time for most plants is during the fall and winter months. This is also a good time to prune plants to the ground and discard dry, spent plant material from ornamental grasses, annuals and perennials.

Apple and pear trees should be pruned in February according to Mike Reeves, of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System. The path should be as clear as possible to let the maximum amount of light into the center of the tree.

Winter is the best time to make pruning cuts from deciduous trees, according to Harvey Cotten of the Huntsville Botanical Garden. According to his Al.com newspaper column, “Consider the Christmas season as the time when most plants are good and dormant.”

February is also a good time to prune trees, except for maples and birches, reports Southern Living in their Month-to-Month Lawn and Garden Care Checklist. They also recommend taking care of winter weeds and cutting dangerously overgrown branches at that time.

Winter Windstorms Pose Special Challenges

Keep safety in mind as you clean up after a windstorm.

  • First, look up. Make sure that any buildings, electrical wires and trees in the area overhead are safe and stable.  If you have any doubts, contact your town and utility to express your concerns. Avoid starting your clean up until you are sure you can work safely. You can’t work under falling debris.
  • Plan for inclement weather. Before you arrange for workers to clean up, check the weather forecast. Even if you will be clearing the yard yourself, make sure you have enough time set aside for breaks in warm areas.
  • Check your insurance. Are you insured for the debris clean-up project you have planned? If you are paying people to clean up, find out if are you liable for any injuries they may incur while working on your project?

Have a Plan in Place to Get Rid of Yard Waste

There are several options you can use to deal with yard waste. A compost pile is one easy option to get rid of grass clippings and leaves, but you will still need a plan for large dead branches, especially if you live within the city or suburbs. In these cases, a dumpster rental might be the best way to get rid of these as well as any excess debris that cannot be composted.

Disposing Yard Waste Near Mobile, Alabama?

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Starting a New Project ? See how we can help.

Starting a New Project ? See how we can help.