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Full open top construction dumpster Mobile, AL

What to Know About Construction Waste Before Renting a Roll Off Dumpster

When renting a roll off dumpster for a construction project, it is best to dedicate that dumpster only for construction waste. You never want to contaminate the load with trash or other non-construction waste. This will be an additional fee because of the contamination. Here are some other things you should know about construction waste before renting a roll off dumpster.

Composition of Construction Waste

For most projects, the bulk of construction waste is composed of wood and drywall. But other types of waste that appear often are cardboard, masonry, plastics, concrete, shingles, and metals.

Weight of Construction Debris

A factor that you really have to keep in mind when selecting a dumpster size for a construction project is weight. Some waste such as brick, block, concrete, and asphalt shingles are extremely heavy and typically can’t be disposed of in larger dumpsters because it would make them too heavy to transport easily. For this reason, most companies only allow this waste to be disposed of in a 10 yard dumpster.

Full open top construction dumpster Mobile, AL

Some Construction Waste is Recyclable

Some waste, such as wood waste that is unpainted and untreated, is recyclable. Some examples of this are unlaminated dimensional lumber, plywood, OSB, and particle board. Many metals, vinyl, and some brick and block waste also can be recyclable.

Construction Waste That is Typically Considered Hazardous

This is a long list, but any waste that is generated from painting, sealing, straining, or caulking is considered to be hazardous. Other types of waste that is considered to be hazardous by most dumpster rental companies include:

  • Anything containing asbestos
  • Any light bulbs, lamps, switches, or relays containing mercury
  • PCB light ballasts
  • Sanding dust
  • Treated wood
  • Any materials containing lead.
  • Oil-based paint
  • Empty containers and drums

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Starting a New Project ? See how we can help.

Starting a New Project ? See how we can help.