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Yard waste in need of a roll-off dumpster rental in Montgomery, AL

What Can You Do With Your Summertime Yard Waste?

Yard waste, especially in the summer months or after a large storm, can be overwhelming, and it is hard to know how to dispose of it. Here are a few things that you can do with yard waste, such as leaves, grass clippings, pulled weeds, and fallen branches.

Yard waste in need of a roll-off dumpster rental in Montgomery, AL

Dispose of It with Your Curbside Trash

Many cities and waste disposal companies pick up yard waste but probably have some restrictions and guidelines.

According to the City of Mobile website:

“Bagged leaves, plants and grass clippings can be composted, used as mulch, or may be put at the curb, as long as it does not exceed the two cubic yard limit. (3′ X 3′ X 6′ or 15-bag equivalent) The City will remove RESIDENTIAL trash that exceeds this limit for a charge. Pricing depends on the size of the pile. Call 208-5311 to place a work order requesting an estimate for piles over the limit.”

According to the City of Montgomery website:

“…offers yard waste collection to residents of Montgomery, Alabama: just bag your grass clippings, leaves, and tree trimmings, and we can pick them up for you. * Yard waste removal isn’t available in all service areas. Please check with your local facility to verify if this service is available.”

In short, check with your local city, municipality, or waste disposal company for their specific guidelines on yard waste collection to find out if you can dispose of yard waste and how much.

Hire a Private Company to Dispose of Yard Waste

Many landscaping companies offer yard waste removal services such as leaf and lawn clipping collection and either collecting fallen branches—or using a chipper-shredder to reduce them to mulch.

Compost It Yourself

There is tons of information about how to compost your yard and kitchen waste available on the web, and you can purchase pre-fabricated compost bins at any large retail or home improvement store or construct one yourself for only a few dollars.

Get a Dumpster Rental

If your area doesn’t allow you to dispose of yard waste, or you have too much of it because of a bad storm or have collected it for a while, a dumpster rental might be in order. Even the smallest 10-yard dumpster can hold a lot of yard waste. And a cheap dumpster rental may be the perfect solution for getting rid of it.

Need to Dispose of Yard Waste in the Mobile/Montgomery Area?

If you’re looking to schedule a roll-off dumpster rental to help remove yard waste in the Mobile, Montgomery, or surrounding areas, look no further. To get started, fill out our simple online contact form or call 251.661.0001 (for Mobile area customers) or 334.271.6900 (for Montgomery area customers), or send email to sales@prod-circlej.test to get in touch with one of our yard waste management specialists today.

Need Help creating a Waste Management Plan for Your Business in the Mobile / Montgomery Area ?

Look no further than Circle J Roll-Offs. We have been serving Mobile and Montgomery, Alabama, and the surrounding areas since 1969. We provide waste management services for commercial and industrial businesses, as well as full-service dumpster rentals. We provide different sizes and types of dumpsters to meet your specific waste management needs. Give us a call at (215) 661-0001 or fill out our online form to speak with one of our waste management planning experts today.

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Starting a New Project ? See how we can help.