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Neighbors working together to fill a shared dumpster rental in Montgomery, AL.

Unusual Uses for Roll-Off Dumpster Rentals – Neighborhood Clean-Ups

Sometimes you have a mess that is too big to include with your weekly trash pickup, but too small to justify renting a roll-off dumpster. You are stuck and not sure of how to handle the situation. One solution is to talk to your neighbors and see if they have some junk they want to get rid of. Everyone does, so splitting the cost of a roll-off dumpster rental with one or several families just makes sense.

There are many benefits beyond the cost savings of sharing the expense of a dumpster rental.

Neighbors working together to fill a shared dumpster rental in Montgomery, AL.

Builds Community

In today’s world, so many people do not know their neighbors. So often, we are content with an occasional wave to a neighbor as you leave to go to work, shopping, or some other excursion. Renting a dumpster together provides an excellent opportunity to get to know each other. Helping each other with the work fosters a sense of fellowship and offers opportunities to chat and learn more about each other. This can lead to more get-togethers and lifelong friendships.

Beautifies the Neighborhood

All neighborhoods can use a clean-up. Whether this is picking up trash alongside the road, helping an elderly neighbor get rid of some junk they no longer want, or cleaning up the area after a bad storm, and a shared dumpster rental can make this possible.

Provides Opportunities to Trade or Give-Away Stuff You No Longer Want or Need

You have a basement full of old toys that your grown kids have no interest in, but the young family down the road might appreciate them. Instead of adding them to a landfill, they gain a second life. Other things such as tools, clothing, building supplies, furniture, and more can be redistributed to those who want it.

Makes Everyone Happier

A lot of us are overwhelmed with the amount of stuff we own. This includes having a lot of junk that’s old, broken, or no longer serves a practical purpose. This can be a constant burden that is always present when you look around at your home. However, getting rid of it can take a load off of your chest and improve your mood.

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