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RecycleThis Holiday Season

Tips On How To Recycle This Holiday Season

The holiday season is filled with boxes, packages, wrapping paper and decorations, which also creates lot of waste. To effectively manage your waste is to know what items can be recycled. Actually, between Thanksgiving and the 1st of the New Year, over 25 million tons are produced.

RecycleThis Holiday Season

We all get caught up in all the holiday trappings – especially the gifts. Holiday presents boxes, holiday wrapping paper, gift bags, ribbons and bows maybe could be reduced. And, while we want to celebrate the holiday season, there are many ways we can minimize the amount of waste.

One way to ensure that the right items go into your recycling bin instead of the trash. Good recycling and sustainable ideas for the holidays.

– Save and reuse bows, ribbons and wrapping paper for next year. These items are not typically recyclable due to the materials they are made of and reusing them is smart for the environment and you are not buying them again next season.

– Ship your gifts with crumpled paper, reused bubble wrap or foam peanuts from the packages you have received. Aside from paper, most packaging materials are not recyclable, so reuse as much as you can.

– Choosing wrapping paper and gift bags is important as standard wrapping paper can be recycled, but not paper with glitter or foil cannot and goes in the trash or hopefully saved for next year.

– Recycle cardboard shipping boxes. Packaging made of heavy cardboard is recyclable when the cardboard is separated from any plastic or tape.

Recycling practices to avoid.

– You are unable to recycle holiday cards and envelopes with glitter and foil.

– Packing supplies like foam peanuts, bubble wrap and other plastics are not recyclable. These items should be reused or become waste. – Sticky gift name tags will cause packaging not to be recyclable. with recyclables.

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