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Cardboard bales awaiting pickup from the Nationwide Cardboard Bale Pickup Program

Save the Planet (and Some Money Too) by Joining the Nationwide Cardboard Bale Pickup Program

We take cardboard for granted. It is everywhere and more of it is being produced now than ever before. It’s cheap, strong, and the perfect material to package and ship anything. But have you ever stopped and thought about what all of this cardboard does to the environment? Consider this:

  • One ton of cardboard dumped in a landfill takes up nine cubic yards of space.
  • Cardboard is bio-degradable, but when it decays, it produces methane, a major contributor to global warming
  • Cardboard production is major cause of deforestation.
  • Producing new cardboard requires a lot of water and energy.
Cardboard bales awaiting pickup from the Nationwide Cardboard Bale Pickup Program

For these reasons (and many others), recycling cardboard is the best way to protect the environment. Recycling one ton of cardboard has the following impact:

  • Saves a significant amount of landfill space
  • Reduces that amount of carbon dioxide produced by one ton
  • Saves 12 to 17 trees from being harvested to produce new cardboard
  • Conserves 7000 gallons of water
  • Reduces the environmental impact on the habitat where trees are harvested for cardboard and protects the area’s ecosystems and wildlife habitat

How Do You Reduce Your New Cardboard Usage?

Signing up for the Nationwide Cardboard Bale Pickup Program of course!  It doesn’t matter where you are located, your business can sign up for this program. The Nationwide Cardboard Bale Pickup Program offers the following:

  • Get top dollar for your recycled cardboard bales
  • Get a reduced cost (or free) baler for managing your cardboard bale production
  • Reduce your overall waste stream and save money on disposal fees

Have Questions About the National Cardboard Bale Pickup Program?

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Starting a New Project ? See how we can help.