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Maintaining a Pest-Free Dumpster

Many of us need to rent a dumpster at some point in time for a project. Despite the fact that most dumpster rentals are for brief periods of time, no one wants to deal with the pests that can come with dumpsters. From maggots to larger animals such as raccoons, deer, and even bears, the last thing any of us wants is these guys visiting. So, what can be done to prevent pests from interfering with your dumpster rental? Check out our suggestions below.

Pest in dumpster for rent Mobile, AL

Avoid Disposing of Food

If you absolutely do not want pests in your dumpster, do not dispose of any food waste. Food items will rot and smell which attracts flies and maggots. In addition, raccoons are great at finding ways to get into small spaces to retrieve various items, so enticing them with rotting food is even more problematic. If you happen to live in a region that has bears, there are many dangers that come with attracting them to rotting food.

Carefully Choose the Dumpster Placement

Another simple way to avoid attracting pests is by placing your dumpster on concrete or a hard surface rather than on grass or mulch. Grass and mulch invites rodents and insects to burrow underneath it whereas concrete doesn’t allow for that option. In addition, if any substance leaks out of the dumpster, there’s a smaller likelihood of it contaminating your ground water if on concrete instead of grass.

Cover it Up

Covering your dumpster goes a long way to prevent pests from getting in. Simply covering the dumpster will generally deter smaller pests, but if you live in an area with larger, more intelligent pests, consider using a secured lid with a locking mechanism. If you opt for tying down you lid, remember that raccoons are known to chew.

Keep it Clean

Before filling your unit, be sure that the unit is clean. In addition, if you make multiple trips to the dump with the rental, try to clean it out with each use. This goes to ensure that any buildup of waste is taken care of which works to prevent pests and bad odors on site.

Use Repellents

In cases where you must dispose of waste that will attract pests and you can’t find a great way to secure the lids, consider use some pest repellents. One option is through a dilution of ammonia and water but that can cause damage to nearby landscaping if it isn’t applied carefully. Another option that works well to deter skunks, squirrels, and rabbits, is fox or coyote urine. You can purchase this and apply it around the perimeter of the dumpster. However, if it rains, it will need to be reapplied.

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