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Going Green

How Your Business Can Be Green-Friendly

When it comes to managing your business’ waste recycling goals, small changes that are eco-friendly can have a long-lasting impact. Here are a few guidelines in how to be manage your waste more effectively.

Going Green

1. Use sustainable packaging

If you sell and ship products, keep your packaging sustainable by avoiding plastic. Use cardboard boxes and paper envelopes, and for padding, use tissue paper or cornstarch packing peanuts.

2. Limit paper copies

Regardless of your business type, reduce printing paper receipts paper by using e-receipts, digital invoices.

3. Reduce waste and reuse

Think long-term about your office purchases. Buy recyclable, quality furnishings and office equipment so they will last. Purchase products that refillable and/or rechargeable.

4. Make it easy to recycle

Create an office recycling program. Starting one is easy. Place additional, labeled ‘recycle only’ bin next to the trash bins throughout the office and educate your employees about ‘how and what to’ recycle.

5. Composting

Even though you may not have room for an outdoor composter you can place a small indoor composter in your office kitchen or opt for an organics pick-up service through your waste vendor.

6. Avoid single-use products

Plastic utensils, plates, straws and drinking cups are common ‘single use’ items at any business and should be avoided. Instead, supply paper alternatives or even long lasting washable ware in the lunchroom.

7. Offer a light bulb and battery bin

Light bulbs and batteries should not be added to the trash. Setup a bin where employees can dispose of these items from either the office or home.

8. Create a company sustainability initiative

Meet with your employees to determine what are best practices of ‘going green’ should be adopted for your business. Sustainability goals can be simple actions you can take today, like recycling more or committing to eco-friendly packaging. Whatever these look like, write them down and determine how you will measure and track your goals. Check out Republic Services’ sustainability goals.

10. Partner with other sustainable businesses

Eco-friendly businesses that partner together create a better world for all of us. Find vendors who also practicing sustainability. This partnership is not only beneficial for you and the planet, but also your customers who’ve come to expect accountability from the businesses they work with.

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Starting a New Project ? See how we can help.