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How to Prevent Illegal Dumping in Your Roll Off Dumpster Rental — Part 1

One of the biggest issues people face when renting a dumpster is illegal dumping. When you spend hundreds of dollars to rent a dumpster, it is infuriating to have trespassers throw out their trash in your container. Even worse, if you don’t have enough dumpster space to complete your job because of illegal dumping, you may have to spend more to rent another dumpster just to finish the work. In addition, trespassers may dispose of hazardous waste which can result in additional fees for you.

The Legality of the Issue

It is illegal to dispose of trash in dumpsters on private property without explicit permission from the owner (or renter). This includes dumpsters placed in construction sites, behind businesses, roll-offs and roll carts at home, and other receptacles on private property. While exact laws vary between cities, in Mobile many cities consider illegal dumping is considered to be a misdemeanor punishable by a $250500+ fine and up to three months of possible jail time. To get a better understanding of your city’s laws on illegal dumping, do an online search for “litter statute in [your city]”.

Dumpster rentals Mobile, AL

While illegal dumping is a common occurrence, this doesn’t have to happen to you. We have several tips to help you avoid illegal dumping in your rental.

Strategic Placement

Keep the dumpster away from busy streets.  The fewer people that walk by means fewer opportunities for illegal dumping.

In addition to avoiding busy streets, consider placing your dumpster in a well-lit area. The high-visibility discourages people from using them.


Placing signs on the dumpster is another way to prevent illegal use. Many businesses place signs on their bins stating it isn’t for public use. You can even put up a sign to warn about that trespassers are under surveillance.

Security Cameras

While costly, security cameras are an excellent way to discourage and catch perpetrators. When people believe they are being watched, they are less likely to misbehave.

Lock It Up

Locks are a relatively easy way to keep people from using your dumpster. While it requires a little extra time to lock and unlock for each use, you can guarantee you won’t be paying additional fees at the end of your rental period.

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