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Prepare for a Roll Off Dumpster Delivery

Dumpster Rental Delivery Preparation

How to prepare for your dumpster rental delivery. You are ready to start your remodeling project or yard cleanup, you ordered your roll-off dumpster, but how to be ready for delivery.

Prepare for a Roll Off Dumpster Delivery

Where you place the dumpster, needs to be where it can be conveniently accessed to and close to your job site. Is preferable you are not moving the debris and waste a long distance for disposal, this will just prolong the project time and become tiring. Also, the dumpster should be placed on a hard, level surface so as not to damage your yard or gravel walkways.

You will want to make sure there is sufficient room and clearance as the dumpster may be tilted up to 16’ high. Look for power lines, low hanging branches, anything that might cause an issue or obstruction including parked cars, fire hydrants and cable boxes.

Also important, is there sufficient room for the delivery driver truck to maneuver. The truck is larger than the roll off dumpster and requires a clearance of 18 feet wide minimum.

Lastly, does your community or HOA allow the dumpster being placed on the street or public spaces. You may need to get a permit so call your HOA management company and/or city waste department.

Ok, ready to have your dumpster delivered? Call Circle J Roll Offs today and we will answer any other questions you may have.

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Starting a New Project ? See how we can help.

Starting a New Project ? See how we can help.