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Electronic waste to go in cheap dumpster rental Mobile, AL

Disposing of Electronic Waste – Part 2

Last week, we discussed several ways to properly dispose of electronic waste in Part 1 of our series Disposing of Electronic Waste. This week, we’re covering alternative ways to get rid of your old electronics such as recycling, and donating.

Electronic waste to go in cheap dumpster rental Mobile, AL

Recycling Options

Recycling electronics is a good way to conserve materials while preventing any hazardous substances from getting into the landfill. Here are a few options for recycling:

Trade-In or Take-Back Programs: If you are looking to upgrade your devices, consider contacting the manufacturer to see if they offer a discount or trade-in option for returning your older model. Amazon has a program that offers gift cards in exchange for old cell phones, tablets, and speakers.

Retail Recycling Programs: Some retailers, such as Best Buy, offer electronics recycling programs. You can call ahead to your location and check that they’ll accept your items before planning to drop them off. HP also has a return and recycling option for various hardware and electronics too.

  • E-Waste Collection Events: Many municipalities host events to help citizens dispose of electronics. If you’re interested, call your city’s services department and find out when an event is being hosted and what items are accepted.
  • Electronics Recycler: Some facilities specialize in recycling electronics. Do a simple search online to find out if you have an electronics recycler near you.
  • Sell Old Electronics: If you have old electronics that still work, they may be of value to someone else. Consider listing them on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, among others, allowing you to easily get rid of them without trashing them.

Donation Options

If your electronics aren’t too outdated and still are in working condition, another option is donation. Here are several donation options to consider.

Community Organizations: Local libraries, schools, employment programs, and adult education programs often look for used computers and electronics. In addition, homeless and domestic violence shelters will sometimes accept cell phones, computers, and TVs as well. In addition, some senior centers and assisted living facilities will take TVs as well.

National Organizations for Collection: Many nonprofits around the US accept used electronics. Cell phones, computers, keyboards, tablets, and many other devices can be given new life there. Here are several organizations that generally accept electronics:

  • Goodwill
  • Salvation Army
  • Computers with Causes
  • Secure the Call

Local Secondhand Organizations: If none of those organizations are available, most communities have some type of secondhand or nonprofit collections organization that are interested in your electronics. Give them a call to see what they are willing to accept.

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