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Removing holiday waste removal dumpster Mobile, AL

Dealing with Holiday Waste Disposal

After most holiday get-togethers, we find ourselves swimming in a sea of waste. Between wrapping paper, packaging, food and food containers, and live Christmas trees, there’s a lot remaining to dispose of after the holiday season. Nearly a quarter of the waste Americans generate in a year is created during the holidays.

So how can you deal with all of the waste from the holidays? Here are a few tips to make the cleanup a little more convenient.

Removing holiday waste removal dumpster Mobile, AL

Plan as a Neighborhood

If you live in a neighborhood that is willing to work as a team to handle problems, consider renting a dumpster as a neighborhood. Place the dumpster in a convenient space for everyone so they can dispose of their holiday waste and trees.


When the option is available, aim to recycle. You may be surprised how many items can be recycled from your holiday waste. A good rule of thumb to remember is most facilities accept glass, paper, and aluminum products. Something else to note: traditional, waxy gift wrapping cannot be recycled. If your gifts are wrapped in newspaper or similar types of paper, they may be able to be recycled.

When you can, try to clean your recyclables before tossing them in the bin. Rinse out bottles and cans. That way, there’s less of a mess and you won’t be contaminating a bin of otherwise clean recyclables.


If you or your family receives new clothes or gadgets during the holidays, go through your older items and look to donate. If you aren’t regularly wearing an outfit or don’t use certain gadgets or toys, Goodwill, Salvation Army, and other second-hand stores will gladly take these off your hands.


If you have the space, consider breaking down the boxes used for presents and store them for next year’s holidays and birthdays. You can also do this with ribbons and gift bags as well.

Consider Alternative Gifts

Many people opt to give physical gifts that require gift wrapping which generates a lot of extra waste. However, more people are turning to more experiential gifts such as concert tickets, gift cards, memberships, subscriptions and other items in place of these. Not only do they make for a great time, they only require an envelope to give.

Cleaning Up After the Holidays near Mobile, Alabama?

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Starting a New Project ? See how we can help.