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Back to school dumpster rental Mobile, AL

Back to School Clean-Up Basics

September is a time of transition. Labor Day typically signifies the end of summer and the last big blow-out before the weather turns cooler and the holiday season arrives. The kids are back at school and no longer underfoot, making September the perfect time to get your home cleaned up and re-organized. Here are some items you should target for this fall’s cleanup session.

Back to school dumpster rental Mobile, AL


As you swap out the summertime shorts, tank tops and swimsuits for long pants, sweaters, and long-sleeve shirts and blouses, it is the perfect time to evaluate what you have and determine what to do with it. Find clothes that your kids have outgrown and collect them in a laundry basket or large box. Do the same with clothing they never seem to wear and/or don’t like. Do the same for your wardrobe as well. Once the box is full, sort through it and decide what is still in good enough shape to be donated, and what is too worn, has holes, or needs buttons or repairs and toss it into a rolloff dumpster.

Books & Papers

The beginning of every school year is filled with paper. Homework papers, permission and emergency contact forms, handbooks and syllabi seem to mound up on the desk of our home office, and any other available space. Go through it and eliminate paper that is no longer needed from the previous year. Recycle the kids’ schoolwork saved from the previous year, while taking photos of work that has some sentimental value to you. Review the books on the kids’ book shelves. Have they outgrown them? Put them in a box to either donate or take to used book store or book exchange to get them out of the house and make room for more age appropriate reading material.

Collect any old magazines and newspapers that have been sitting around that you “meant to read.” Skim through them and either read them now, cut out the articles that you want to read later, or simply surrender, knowing that you will never get around to reading that article about five-star resorts for your cat and recycle it.

Lawn and Garden

September is a great time to look at your lawn care equipment, outdoor furniture and sporting goods. For those that are broken or in bad shape, toss them in a rental dumpster. Especially if there is no hope of rehabilitating it. Look at your grill and patio furniture and prepare it for winter storage. If you have any equipment that you haven’t used in the last two years, either sell it, donate it, or pitch it if it is in bad shape.

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Starting a New Project ? See how we can help.