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8 Dumpster Rental Mistakes to Avoid: Part I

Dumpster rental is fairly straightforward, however, there are a number of mistakes you should watch out for to avoid incurring additional fees and headaches.  Before your dumpster rental arrives, it is crucial to consider where you’re going to place it. Check out our tips below on what to avoid when placing your dumpster. This is the first part in our two-part series on Dumpster Rental Mistakes to Avoid.

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1. Blocking Views, Doors, and Vehicles

When planning for your dumpster rental, consider if you’ll be blocking any important areas or views. If possible, avoid placing your dumpster at the end of your driveway where it may impede the view of drivers and pedestrians. Also avoid blocking any critical entrances or exits such as garage doors, front doors, or driveways that need to be accessed during your project. If you plan to dispose of bulky items, make sure you have enough room to walk in the dumpster for disposal as well.

2. Improper Surfaces

If you aren’t careful in choosing your dumpster location, your placement could result in property damage. Placing your rental over flower beds or your newly planted lawn may not be the best choice. If you must place your dumpster on your lawn, consider using plywood under the dumpster to limit the damage. You’re also going to want to avoid soft grounded areas near your septic tank, sprinklers, or any other type of plumbing. Putting a dumpster on top of any of those systems could result in permanent damage.

3. Other Surfaces

The best place to place your dumpster is a flat driveway, but not all of us have access to that and have to make due with other conditions. One option to avoid is a sloped driveway, especially in cold weather when there’s ice. If your dumpster gets too heavy, you could have a runaway dumpster. If you must do this, talk to your rental company and see what tricks they have to help you work around it.

4. City Streets without a Permit

Most municipalities do not allow you to have a dumpster on a city street for longer than 24 hours. If you must keep your bin on a city street, be sure to plan ahead and obtain a permit from your city hall. This permit should be displayed on the outside of the dumpster.

Bonus Tip: Consider telling your neighbors of your plan to park your dumpster on the street and make sure that is okay with them. This will help to prevent police visits from neighbor complaints.

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Starting a New Project ? See how we can help.