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7 Ways to Act More Eco Friendly

It’s been all over the news: we all need to act now in order to remedy the issues we’ve caused with the environment over time. While that sounds daunting, it doesn’t have to be. There are many small habits you can change to help make a positive impact on the environment without changing your whole lifestyle.

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1 – Go Paperless:

Around 18 million trees are consumed each year for bills and bank statements. For those statements along with credit cards, there is generally an option to go paperless. You can sign up for online-only statements. Online-only statements go a long way to help in the efforts to stop deforestation.

2 – Purchase a Reusable Water Bottle

If you live in a region that has safe tap water or have ways to filter your water for drinking, consider purchasing a reusable water bottle rather than buying bottled water. Around 90% of plastic water bottle are not recycled and takes hundreds of years to breakdown in a landfill. Reusable water bottles will not only help you divert waste from the landfill but will also save you some money too!

3 – Unplug Appliances

Did you know your appliances are still using energy when they aren’t on? This not only costs you extra money but also puts extra strain on energy resources too. Unplug your appliances while not in use!

4 – Opt for Shorter Showers

Long, hot showers are great for relaxation, but by simply taking one minute off of each shower you take, you save around 100 gallons of water each month. This is particularly helpful in drought-stricken regions.

5 – Reuse Shopping Bags & Recycle Disposable Ones

The average American family takes home around 1,500 plastic grocery bags each year and only 1% of those bags get recycled. In turn, these bags end up in the landfill taking around 500 years to break down, or in the ocean where marine life frequently ingests them. One way to reduce your impact is to regularly use reusable grocery bags. These bags last a long time and don’t cost a lot to invest in. If that doesn’t work for you, start saving your disposable grocery bags and take them to be recycled. Some stores have bag recycling bins in their entryways.

6 – Shop Locally

Shopping locally is a great way to reduce the amount of emissions used to transport non-local goods, in addition to supporting local vendors. Not only will you reduce emissions and help farmers, you might find that the produce quality is better too!

7 – Properly Dispose of Waste

If you are taking on a home improvement project or need to get rid of unnecessary clutter, rent a dumpster from a responsible waste management company that will work to divert hazardous materials from the landfills and recycle when possible.

When followed, each of these tips will help protect our environment and help to ensure that we live in a safe and clean place. If the environmental impact isn’t enough of an incentive, the financials savings surely will be. Most of these tips will also work to save you money over time as well. Overall, there’s nothing to lose by changing a few habits.

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Starting a New Project ? See how we can help.