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Holiday waste in need of a roll-off dumpster rental in Montgomery, AL.

6 Ways to Deal with the Stress of Holiday Waste

The Holidays are already upon us and the problems that come with them. One of the biggest ones is dealing with the trash and waste accumulated during family get-togethers, Christmas parties, and New Year’s celebrations. But even preparing for the holidays can be stressful if you don’t have a plan for waste management. One simple solution might be a dumpster rental either before or after the holidays—or maybe both.

1. Purge to Make Room

The holidays mean gifts, and sometimes a lot of them. But where are you going to put them? This is when a pre-holiday purge might be a good idea. First, go through your kid’s closets and gather up all of the broken or no longer used toys and games. If they are in poor condition, take them directly to the dumpster. If they are in good condition, consider donating them for a good cause. Next, go through the rest of the house and collect the broken furniture and housewares that you are going to repair “someday.” If you haven’t done it already, you probably never will, so take them to the dumpster.

Holiday waste in need of a roll-off dumpster rental in Montgomery, AL.

2. Adopt the Rule of One Item In, Two Items Out

The average American is drowning in stuff, and the prospect of getting more can make you dread the holidays. So this holiday adopt the rule of “One item in, Two items out.” This means for every gift you receive or thing you buy, you get rid of two (or more) things to slowly chip away at the mound of possessions cluttering your home.

3. Request Alternative Gifts

Instead of getting physical items for gifts, ask for experiential gifts such as:

  • Gift cards for restaurants or gas
  • Concert, Sporting Event, or Movie tickets
  • Subscriptions to streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, etc.
  • Subscription to Audible—for the person who LOVES books on tape
  • Memberships or subscriptions to organizations such as museums, gardens, gyms, amusement parks, etc.
  • Pay to give someone a housecleaner, a chef, or babysitter for a day

These are great because not only do they replace our possessions, but they also reduce the waste associated with wrapping those gifts.

4. Go Digital

Physical movies such as DVDs or VHS tapes and music records, tapes, and CDs take up a lot of space. Replace your existing film and music collections with streaming services.

5. Ask for Donations Instead of Gifts

Instead of getting a gift from someone, ask them to donate to a good cause in your name. This can be for any number of organizations that support a cause you believe in.

6. Ask for a Dumpster Rental as a Gift

What better way to celebrate the holidays than by providing your loved one with a means to get rid of a lot of junk? You can give them the greatest gift of all, time.

Happy Holidays from Circle J Roll-Offs

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