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Commercial roll-off dumpster rental in Mobile, AL used as part of a waste management plan

6 Tips for Avoiding Dumpster Rental Overage Fees

Generally, dumpster rental quotes are fairly close to what you’ll actually pay for your dumpster rental. However, there are a few scenarios where that quote may be slightly off. One of those scenarios is if your dumpster is overfilled and/or over the weight allowance. Fortunately, there are a few ways to avoid this situation. Consider the following tips.

Construction Dumpster Rental Mobile, AL

1. Knowledge is Power

One simple way to avoid overage fees is by thoroughly understanding your rental company’s policies. Each rental company has different policies regarding overage fees. It is important to remember that with most companies, you can be charged additional fees for an overweight or overflowing dumpster. To avoid hidden fees, be sure to understand the fine print and know the following before signing a contract:

  • The weight allowance per dumpster
  • Cost of each dumpster size
  • Cost per ton exceeding the weight allowance
  • Types of materials allowed in dumpsters

2. Choose the Right Size

Renting a dumpster too small can be one of the costliest mistakes. A good rule of thumb is to rent a dumpster slightly larger than what you expect to need for your project. Most of the time, this will only cost an additional $50, but can save you hundreds down the line and accommodate a far greater loading capacity as you start filling the dumpster. In addition, renting a smaller dumpster may lead to needing to rent a second dumpster to finish the job. So, it’s generally cheaper to rent the larger size.

3. Keep It Covered

Debris weighs substantially more when wet – especially types of debris that soak the water in. If there’s rain in the forecast, plan to cover your dumpster when not in use. Some rental companies are willing to supply a tarp to cover the dumpster. If that isn’t an option, consider placing the dumpster in a covered area to avoid the rain.

4. Avoid Fillers

While it can be tempting to dispose of additional items beyond your project, try to avoid doing so. This can lead to an overweight dumpster resulting in additional fees for you. For example, if you are doing a kitchen remodel, only dispose of rubble from the remodel, and do not fill the dumpster with other household waste, furniture, and other junk stashed away. If you decide to dispose of additional items, be prepared to rent an additional dumpster.

5. Donate

Dumpsters are a simple solution for rapidly removing large amounts of junk and debris. However, there are some items that can be donated rather than landfilled, lessening the load of the dumpster.

If you are looking to dispose of furniture, gently-used clothing, housewares, or reusable building materials, consider donation. Goodwill, the Salvation Army, Habitat ReStore, and other local organizations are excellent options for donation and accept most dropoffs.

6. Short-Term Rental

In most cases, the longer you keep the rental on site, the heavier it becomes. It’s easy to want to throw out extra trash in a dumpster that’s easily accessible. And, it’s also welcoming others to illegally dispose of their trash too. That said, only keep your dumpster for the minimum time needed to complete your project. This will help you avoid paying overage fees for the extra rubbish disposed.

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