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Delivery of a roll off dumpster rentals in Mobile, AL

Roll Off Dumpster Rental Delivery Preparation Tips

One commonly overlooked issue for roll-off dumpster rentals is how to prepare for a dumpster delivery. Here are some preparation guidelines to help make the dumpster delivery and pick-up smooth and easy.

Select a Dumpster Drop Off Point

The area surrounding the dumpster drop off point needs to have plenty of open space around it in order to prevent damage to your belongings and landscaping. The delivery truck needs to have 60 feet of space in a straight line to drop off the trailer. The truck will also need at least 22 feet of vertical clearance in order to deliver a 40-yard dumpster, less clearance for smaller ones. But it doesn’t hurt to make sure that there are no overhanging branches or wires that could impede the dumpster delivery. The dumpster also needs to have 12 feet of space where the dumpster will be located.

Delivery of a roll off dumpster rentals in Mobile, AL

Clear the Area

Move all vehicles away from the dumpster drop-off point, including parked cars on the street in front of your home if necessary. Remove any other objects that might impede the delivery truck’s drop off such as garbage cans, bikes, building materials, planters, etc. Trim low hanging branches on your trees so that they won’t get caught or torn away when the truck drops off the dumpster.

Be Honest About What You Are Disposing of in the Dumpster

One of the biggest problems with dumpster rentals is that customers are not always up front about what they plan on disposing within the dumpster they rent. For example, if you rented a 30-yard dumpster to get rid of yard waste, and fill it with concrete, dirt, and masonry the dumpster will be too heavy to remove from the premises. This is why you should rent smaller 10 or 20-yard dumpsters for these things.

If you rent a dumpster for yard waste, but decide to add in some broken furniture, and a couple bags for trash, the load is now “contaminated” and you will be charged extra for it.

Don’t Forget About the Haul Away of the Dumpster

You will need to make sure that all of the space you cleared for the dumpster rental drop off is clear again for the pick-up. Make sure nothing is in the clearance area the truck needs for picking it up.

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Starting a New Project ? See how we can help.

Starting a New Project ? See how we can help.