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Yard waste for dumpster rental Mobile, AL

4 Tips for Yard Waste Dumpster Rental

Fall is here, and you know what that means: leaves. While hauling leaves yourself may seem like a cost-effective way to clean up your yard, that’s not always the case depending on the amount of debris you’re looking to dispose of. Dumpster rental is a simple way to clean up large amounts of yard waste quickly while saving time and fuel from hauling it yourself. It can also help with removing large quantities tree debris, dirt, and brush too.
Yard waste for dumpster rental Mobile, AL

There are a few things to consider before renting a dumpster for yard debris.

1. Dumpster Sizes and Weight Allowances

When renting a dumpster for debris disposal, be sure to consult the rental company to see what sizes of dumpsters are available for yard waste disposal. Some rental companies may only allow dumpsters under 20 yards for yard waste, while others may allow yard debris in larger containers too.

The main thing the rental company will consider when suggesting a size for rental is the weight of the load. In some cases, yard debris can be very heavy. Materials such as dirt, wet leaves, and large logs will drive the weight of the load up considerably.

2. Dumpster Costs

Most of the time, yard debris costs the same to dispose of as general household waste. However, some companies do charge less to dispose of yard debris. Because of that, comparing costs for dumpster rental for yard debris can save you money.

3. Local Disposal Laws

Each municipality has a variation of environmental laws to consider when going to dispose of yard waste. Be sure to research and consider these laws before choosing a method of disposal.

Generally, yard waste is prohibited in municipal landfills. This means you can’t mix your standard garbage with yard waste.

4. Composting

The best way to avoid dumpster costs is to compost when possible. Composting can eliminate some or all waste depending on the types of waste you’re looking to dispose. So, if you have the space in your yard and the materials are right, consider composting. Remember, materials must be clean and cannot be mixed with other non-compostable items.

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