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Toxic waste being created for a roll-off dumpster rental in Montgomery, AL

3 Types of Common Lawn and Garden Toxic Waste to Find Alternatives for

Toxic waste in your home and garden, even a little of it, can contaminate an entire load in a roll-off dumpster. So why not prevent this issue by using some safer, ecologically-friendly alternatives to keep your home and garden safer as well as cutting down the amount of waste in our landfills?

Toxic waste being created for a roll-off dumpster rental in Montgomery, AL

Weed Killer (Herbicides)

Today’s herbicides may seem safe, but many contain Glyphosate, which has been widely used for crops, lawns, and flowerbeds. The jury is still out on how bad herbicides are for the environment, but there are several alternatives to herbicides to consider.

  • Mulch and Landscape Fabric – Where possible, using mulch and landscape fabric to prevent the growth of weeds before they even take root.
  • Livestock – Goats, pigs, and sheep can be used to remove weeds in large areas.
  • Plant Wildflowers – Plant these along fence lines and near areas where you commonly use herbicide. This not only is safer for the environment, but it also may prevent a need for trimming and beautifies these areas.

Lawn & Garden Fertilizer

Chemical fertilizers are terrible for the environment and not necessary. One of the most environmentally friendly ways to replace lawn and garden fertilizer is by generating compost from your lawn and kitchen waste to enhance your lawn and garden soil.


The number and composition of pesticides on the market are wide-ranging, so it is best to know exactly which pests you are trying to get rid of. For example, many insects have natural predators which can be introduced into your home and garden. For rodents, mechanical traps such as snap traps and capture traps are much better for you than using chemical poisons such as those containing warfarin, a blood thinner that can cause severe organ damage. Pesticides also have a way of getting deep into the soil and water of an environment, contaminating it.

No matter where you look, using toxic chemicals produces toxic waste that needs to be disposed of properly. These chemicals are known to be responsible for respiratory illnesses, skin conditions, various forms of cancer, and even Alzheimer’s Disease. Sometimes this involves a roll-off dumpster rental designed explicitly for disposing of hazardous waste. So why not try chemical-free alternatives?

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Starting a New Project ? See how we can help.