Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Last Recycle Saturday Rolls Around

Nov. 4th, 2000

From June to Nov. 2000 Circle J Roll-Offs participated in a Recycle Saturday program in Prattville, Alabama.

On the first Saturday of each month, residents deposited their plastic, cardboard, glass and aluminum in recycle bins provided by Circle J Roll-Offs. Local churches and organizations provided volunteers to help with the clean up. Contributors were given coupons from local retailers from the Midtown Shopping Mall, the drop-off site for the project.

The project was announced to Prattville area residents through flyers and public service announcements on local TV and radio stations.

During the run of this program, over 640 cubic yards of recyclable materials at the rate of 40 tons per month, did not go into Prattville's landfill. This was accomplished in just three hours a month!

Think of what can be accomplished if this program were extended throughout the year! Circle J Roll-Offs Inc. is working to make this a reality not just in Prattville, but in all communities in our serving areas.

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