Thursday, March 22, 2018

As part of ongoing pilot program to promote environmental awareness and community pride, Circle J Roll-Offs Inc. sponsored the "County Clean Up Day" in Macon County, Alabama on Saturday Oct. 28. Circle J Roll-Offs Inc. provided the dumpsters and the hauling for the event. The following is an except from the news coverage provided by WSFA, Channel 12, the NBC affiliate in Montgomery.

Macon County Cleans Up

The same group that stopped a proposed landfill in Macon County is taking steps to clean-up illegal dump sites. Citizens for A Safe Environment encouraged everyone to collect trash Saturday and make Macon County a cleaner place to live.

Joy Noble is one of the volunteers. "I just can't stand filth," she said. Noble and dozens of others spent the day picking up trash, big and small. "I was born and raised in Macon County," she said. "I have lived here all my life and when I die it will be my home, and its a good place to live."

Earlier this year, dog-track owner Milton McGregor wanted to build a landfill in the county. In his campaign, he exposed several illegal dump sites. The volunteers helped fight his proposal back then and Saturday helped counter act his negative publicity. "We didn't need a landfill to clean the county," said Harold Powell. "We just need people working, educating others about not littering along the roadway."

Macon County's four district shops served as trash drop-off locations. Organizers had expected hundreds of people to take part.

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