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Recycle Saturday Update!

Dec. 16th, 2000

Macon County Cleans Up on Third Saturdays

On October 28, 2000 Circle J Roll-Offs participated in a "County Clean Up Day" in Macon County, Alabama. We are proud to present the following news item that follows up on the successful inception of our pilot program full time in Macon County.

December 15, 2000

In the wake of efforts to bring a major landfill to Macon County, a local businessman is spearheading efforts to clean up the area and silence the arguments of many of the landfill’s supporters.

Jon Jordan of Circle J Roll-Offs Inc. in Montgomery, is providing large roll-off containers free of charge to Macon County for special “Clean-Up Saturdays” which will be held on the third Saturday of each month starting on December 16.

“I believe that if we support these Saturday clean-up efforts, there will be no more call for a landfill in Macon County due to uncollected litter in the area,” Jordan said. “We hope that folks will take advantage of this opportunity to make Macon county homes, roadways and parks as clean and attractive as they should be.”

All 4 Macon County District Shops will be open from 8:00 AM until 3:00 PM on each third Saturday for the clean up effort.

If you are interested in attending these “Clean-Up Saturdays”, please email us for a list of the County Shop locations.

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