Thursday, March 22, 2018

Jan. 18th, 2001

At a special award ceremony at the Macon County courthouse on Thursday, January 18th, The PALS of Macon County recognized CEO, Jon Jordan, of Circle J Roll-Offs Inc. for his contribution to the Macon County Clean Up efforts.

Mr. Jordan was named an honorary citizen of Macon County and given the PALS of Macon County Award. Circle J Roll-Offs has participated in the "County Clean Up Day" in Macon County, Alabama since the inception of the project. It was at the insistence of Mr. Jordan that the project continue beyond its original limited span to an ongoing event. With his contribution of cost free dumpsters and hauling, this most important project was able to continue.

CEO, Jon Jordan (back row,center) accepts the award. Macon County PALS president, Joy Noble, a tireless worker and advocate for Macon County is seated in the front row left.

Jon Jordan (foreground) pitches in at the latest Macon County Clean Up Event

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